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Heise LED Ships Expandable Wheel Rings with Patent-Pending Design

Posted on: Jun 8, 2023 10:03:00 AM

Holly Hill, Fla. Heise LED Lighting Systems® by Metra Electronics® is now shipping expandable wheel rings that debuted at the SEMA show in November. They are available in RGB, RGBW, and Chasing options and feature a revolutionary patent-pending design that makes it easy to add brilliant LED lighting to the wheels of any vehicle. These wheel rings are a game-changer for automotive lighting installers because they offer the ability to increase or decrease the diameter of the rings, making it easier to cater to more customers while keeping less inventory in stock. There are two kits available for each LED lighting option with wheel rings that expand from either 11" to 14" or 15" to 18" in size. The kits include:
●      Four aluminum expandable wheel rings
●      Cuttable LED strips
●      Mounting brackets and hardware
●      Two backbone harnesses for the left and right sides of the vehicle
●      Heise Connect controller
●      RF remote
●      Thread lock for worry-free installation
Each aluminum wheel ring features a split ring design that makes them easy to assemble and adjust to fit the diameter of the wheel. Installers choose how far to expand the ring diameter by aligning the pre-drilled holes, each of which increases the diameter by .25". An "L" channel aligning track helps guide the two ring pieces together while adding strength and preventing the ring from bowing. Holes drilled on the outer “L” track are non-threaded, while the holes on the inner "L" track are threaded for M3 screws, eliminating the need for bulky nuts.
RGB, RGBW, or chasing LED lighting strips are included for the inside and outside of each ring with 3M double-sided backing. They are IP68 rated to be water-resistant and ensure that they will withstand the elements. The LEDs are controlled via the Heise Connect mobile smartphone app when paired with the included Heise Connect controller. These products are in stock and shipping now. Visit for more details.
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