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T-Spec and Raptor Launch New and Improved Car Audio Products at CES

Posted on: Dec 28, 2018 9:11:00 AM

Holly Hill, FL – December, 2018 – Metra Electronics® has improved and expanded their T-Spec® and Raptor® car audio accessory lines, with new products launching at CES. T-Spec, which offers competition-rated audio cables, amp kits, power wire, capacitors and more, is introducing a new v16 Series to bring their top-of-the-line products to an even higher level of performance. T-Spec is also introducing new premium brass accessories for a battery terminal, fuse holder, fuse block and distribution block. Raptor has improved its existing product line with better connectors on its Pro Series RCA audio cables and improvements to the Mid Series for right-angled interconnects that can fit into tighter spaces. Raptor is also introducing a new look for the Vice Series, better construction of the Bulk Series RCAs and more.

T-Spec v16 Series
T-Spec’s new v16 Series of premium RCA cables feature locking connectors that create solid, continuous pressure providing a secure and reliable connection with the highest quality signal transfer. The v16 RCAs are designed and engineered for Hi-Res audio performance. The gold plated copper RCA tips also have enamel painted color bands that are durable and used for identification. For ultimate sound performance, large 26-gauge oxygen-free copper core strands handle the deepest bass frequencies while the higher frequencies skim along the
silver-plated surface. This combination carries even the most demanding signals without altering or coloring, resulting in true audio reproduction.
Lesser quality cables are continuously bombarded with electrical and magnetic pollution that reduce clarity by injecting noise into the signal. T-Spec’s v16 Series construction prevents this from happening with three separate layers that have been integrated to trap, isolate and reject both transmitted and electromagnetic pollution, allowing the signal to travel noise-free. A woven cotton mesh shield protects the cable and reduces friction during installation. The v16 Series of RCA audio cables will offer 2-channel options in lengths from 1.5 feet to 17 feet along with a 17-foot 4-channel option and two Y adapters.
T-Spec v16 Series RCA Cable Specifications:
     Gold-plated copper RCA tips with continuous locking barrel
     Enamel painted color bands for durable identification
     26AWG oxygen-free copper core for maximum bass
     Silver plating for true midrange and high-frequency fidelity
     M-jacket insulates each channel separately
     Non-conductive cotton filler
     Polyethylene foam insulated jacket
     Aluminum-faced mylar foil for EMI rejection
     85% coverage braided tinned copper for emitted noise rejection
     PVC outer jacket for strength and flexibility
     Woven cotton cable shield
T-Spec Premium Brass Accessories
T-Spec is introducing four new components to simplify and streamline any installation. Maximizing functionality while maintaining the smallest profile was key with these new groundbreaking designs. The V-BATT-TML is a four position battery terminal that can accept up to (2) 1/0 AWG and (2) 4 AWG, down to (4) 10 AWG wires. It includes all markers and hardware to be used for positive or negative post. The V-ANL-H is a revolutionary fuse block capable of mounting a single ANL fuse, single MANL fuse, or even dual MANL fuses; making it the all-in-one fuse solution. For multiple amplifier systems, the V-DIST-PWR three-way fused distribution block and the V-DIST-GND 2-to-1 grounding block will ensure solid power transfer to all components with a discrete footprint. All of these components are constructed of 100% brass for optimal conductivity and nickel plated for durability and longevity.
Raptor Pro Series
Raptor, another car audio brand by Metra, has improved its existing product lines to offer an even better value. The Pro Series RCA audio cables will feature a smaller headshell that is designed to give a better grip and tighter locking connector. Raptor’s Pro Series amp kits feature these same improvements as the individual RCA cables. The Pro Series is also receiving a new clear color for power wire.
Raptor Mid Series
The standard Mid Series RCA audio cables will have right-angled connectors that fit better into shallow applications, allowing for less looping wires and a cleaner installation. The Mid Series amp kits have also been updated to use these same RCA cables.
Raptor Vice Series
The Vice Series from Raptor will have a new look, going from black and orange colors to red with a new twisted cable design. The amp kits also have higher quality fuse holders and can handle more power, with the R3AK4 kit going from 600 watts to 1,000 watts and the R3AK8 kit doubling from 300 watts to 600 watts. The Vice Series will also have two new reducers added to the product line, for 0 to 4 gauge and 4 to 8 gauge cable sizes.
Raptor Bulk Series
The Bulk Series features improved quality and construction, with individual RCA audio cables utilizing the same engineering as those found in the Builk Series amp kits.
T-Spec and Raptor’s new products will be on display with Metra Electronics at CES booth #5211 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. New catalogs for both brands will be available at and on January 8, 2019.
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