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Metra/Axxess announces new Trigger!

Posted on: Sep 13, 2011 9:52:00 AM

September, 2011

Go to to view the flyer and download the program.

The AXXESS universal trigger module provides 15 different preset functions that are activated from a positive or negative trigger. In addition to the preset features, the Trigger has 8 customizable modes that allow the installer to utilize their imagination.


• Default: EBrake Emulator
• Mode 1: Retained Accessory power
• Mode 2: Delayed Turn-On
• Mode 3: Low Voltage Turn-On
• Mode 4: Latched Outputs
• Mode 5: GMLAN Aftermarket Amp Turn-On
• Mode 6: Active Edge Pulse Generator
• Mode 7: Turn-Off Delay
• Mode 8: Double Pulse Latch
• Mode 9: Double Pulse to One Second Output
• Mode 10: Theft Detection/ Closed Loop Trigger
• Mode 11: Channel Expander
• Mode 12: Simple Data Detector (amp turn on signal from data)
• Mode 13: Long Delayed Turn-Off (for headlights)
• Mode 14: Dome light delay
• Mode 15: Custom Program

Custom Program Modes
(The first on the market that allows you to set your preferences using the USB-CAB. No more getting frustrated having to tap a wire to ground to set you preferences.)

• Custom Mode 1: Channel expander, latched
• Custom Mode 2: Channel expander, pulsed
• Custom Mode 3: Delayed turnoff
• Custom Mode 4: Delayed turn on
• Custom Mode 5: Generic three output delay/pulse width, edge driven (For use with Linear Actuators)
• Custom Mode 6: Generic three output delay/pulse width, level driven (validity)
• Custom Mode 7: Square wave generator (honks horns and blinks lights)
• Custom Mode 8: Multiple pulse generator