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Axxess Unveils New Camera Switching Interface with Plug-N-Play Harnesses at 2018 CES

Posted on: Jan 4, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Install Multiple CAN Activated Cameras Feeds to the Factory Radio
Holly Hill, FL - January, 2018 – Axxess Integrate®, the leader in vehicle interfacing solutions, is introducing a new AX-ADDCAM interface and vehicle-specific plug-n-play harnesses at CES. These new products will solve installer challenges when integrating aftermarket cameras to the OEM radio. For applications with an existing backup camera that are adding front and side cameras to the OEM radio, the AX-ADDCAM camera switching interface will provide up to three additional camera inputs to the factory radio and still retain the factory camera. AX-ADDCAM interface technology allows the cameras to function automatically for parking assistance, when commands are available on the CANBUS. In this instance, no human interaction is required to display the camera feeds, unless desired to do so. If the factory system does not already include a rearview camera, the AX-ADDCAM interface can also be used to add up to four CAN activated camera inputs to the factory radio.
The AX-ADDCAM is a universal interface with a programmable 12-volt 5-amp switched output that is configurable through the AXXESSUPDATER PC. It has Vehicle Speed Sense input and output, and programmable analog camera control wires that are also configurable through the AXXESSUPDATER PC. It is also Micro “B” updatable.
“We’re solving the integration challenge that installers face when consumers want to add multiple aftermarket camera inputs to view on their factory radio. To work with the OEM vehicle technology, we’ve developed a universal interface that works seamlessly with the factory system. Our goal is to save the installer time and allow them to provide a safer, yet affordable, driving experience for their customers,” says Juan Lugo, Director of Axxess. Vehicle safety presents a major opportunity for installers. The latest SEMA Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunities report states that “in the short term, retail installers can anticipate growing opportunities for integrating safety cameras, radars and related devices and software into fleet and older-model vehicles as consumers learn to expect and rely on such features in their newer cars. However, the SEMA Advanced Vehicle Technology Opportunities report projects all aftermarket sales and service channels to evolve significantly over the next five to 10 years.” The report refers to the aftermarket potential to retrofit older vehicles and lower new-model trim levels along with the increasing consumer awareness and interest in ADAS as factors that will help grow aftermarket safety opportunities for installers.
AX-ADDCAM Plug-N-Play Harnesses
Four new plug-n-play harnesses for the AX-ADDCAM interface will be introduced at CES for select Chrysler, Ford and Mazda vehicle applications. The AX-ADDCAM-CH4 is for Chrysler 2010-2017 applications and the AX-ADDCAM-CH5 is for Chrysler 2013-2017 applications. The AX-ADDCAM-FD1 is for Ford 2011-2017 applications and the AX-ADDCAM-MAZ2 is for Mazda 2014 and up* applications. Also known as T-harnesses, these new plug-n-play solutions will save the installer time when installing the AX-ADDCAM interface with additional aftermarket cameras. iBeam Vehicle Safety Systems by Metra Electronics will also have many new advanced driver assistance systems and vehicle cameras for 2018. See all of the new products from Axxess and Metra’s 12 volt brands at CES booth #5211 in the North Hall.
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