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Axxess Update Descriptions

Posted on: Jun 14, 2011 2:34:00 PM

This is a list of current software updates that have been made to the Axxess line. Using the USB-CAB you can update your product to the latest and greatest. Simply start the USB bootloader program and follow the instructions.
NOTE: Not all products will need an update, but it takes seconds to do and is recommended on every piece.
ASWC updates:
  • Added additional Bluetooth functions for Clarion, Kenwood, and Alpine
  • Added the 2012 Civic for auto detect
  • Added 2007 Sprinter
  • Added additional Bluetooth functions for Sony, Kenwood, JVC, Alpine
  • Added manual radio set up on ASWC
  • Added Saab and Freestar to auto-detect protocol
  • Improved auto detect of Jensen radio
  • Added Additional BMW protocol
  • Add new Jensen radio
  • Adjusted protocol for Ssangyong vehicles
  • Improved radio detection
  • Updated 2011 F250/350 protocol
  • Added PTT/Onhook/Offhook to Subaru apps
  • Added Saab 9-5 apps
  • Added Older Pontiac apps
  • Updated Sony radio features
  • Updated Kenwood button assignment
  • Added Ford 2010 F250/350.
  • Added Clarion CZ500 auto-detection radio.
  • Added LandRover 2005 & older.
  • Added Sang Young Car Type
  • Added SAAB application and new JVC HD radio
  • Added updated functionality for Pioneer AVIC
  • Added additional Eclipse radio applications
  • Improved functionality in the 2009 and 2010 Aveo
  • Added 2001 Frontier
  • Added Kia/Hyundai applications
  • Updated BMW protocol
  • Added additional Clarion and Kenwood radios
  • Added Sony controller
  • Improved 2010 Subaru functionality
  • Updated BMW ASWC memory
  • Added Valor auto detect
  • Revised remapping option of ASWC
  • Added 2010 Aveo; added preset ability to ASWC
Other Axxess Products:   6/9/11
  • Addressed random ignition lose in the 99-3303
  • Improved reverse chimes on the GMOS-100, 99-3307G, 99-3010S, GMOS-LAN-012, GMOS-LAN-034, GMOS-LAN-01, GMOS-LAN-02, GMOS-LAN-03, GMOS-LAN-04, and GMOS-044
  • Added Bluetooth protocol for Pioneer, Jensen, Sony, Clarion, Alpine, and Kenwood on the GMOS-100, 99-3010S
4/8/11 - Added cooled seat feature to the 99-5721CH
4/26/10 - Update to GMOS-06 addressing the scratch chimes found in some vehicles.
 4/26/11- Update to fix accessory dropping out on the GMOS-LAN-01 & GMOS-LAN-02
 3/25/11- Update to improve car detection on the CHTO-01, CHTO-03, and CHTO-013
3/15/11 - Update to GMOS-1, GMOS-04, GMOS-05, GMOS-07, GMOS-08, and GMOS-09 to address data collision when using Express kit.
 3/15/11 - Update to GMOS-100 to improve Kenwood SWC detection
1/4/11 - Update to fix temp display on the 99-3010S
9/13/10– Updated amplifier sense in the GMOS-100 and 99-3010S
 7/30/10 – Updates GMOS-100 interface to retain RSE in CLASS II vehicles. Also update to improve the digital amp response in CLASS II vehicles.
7/20/10 – Add update for the 99-5721 and 99-5823CH to retain dual zone A/C
7/6/10 – Added ability to retain OE BT control; Added Sony power button, Kenwood & Pioneer PTT features to SWCportion
 5/15/10 – Update to improve vehicle interfacing for CHTO-01, CHTO-03, and CHTO-03
3/18/10 – Updated communication protocol in the GMOS-13
3/22/10 – Added capability of retaining factory Bluetooth in GMOS-LAN-03 and GMOS-LAN-04 applications.