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New Digital Signal Processor from Axxess Combines Interface and DSP into One Solution

Posted on: Aug 9, 2017 10:45:00 AM

New AX-DSP Features Simple Installation, Smaller Size and Versatility
Holly Hill, FL - August 9, 2017 – Axxess Interfaces by Metra Electronics®, a leader in vehicle interfacing, has developed a cost effective option for customers desiring to improve vehicle sound quality with a digital signal processor. Unlike other competing products on the market, the AX-DSP presents an all-in-one solution that works with a variety of car audio system setups and includes a built-in interface. The “before-the-amp” solution is designed to allow installers the option to remove the factory amplifier or to add a subwoofer while still maintaining the original equipment features and controls of the radio. Since every customer has different needs and budgets, the flexibility of the Axxess Digital Signal Processor allows the installer to customize a solution based on what the customer is wanting to replace or keep in their system. From fixed level output for digital systems to analog factory systems, or even adding a subwoofer to an OE system, the versatile AX-DSP has installers covered. Unlike traditional DSPs on the market, this allows the installer to present a better, more cost effective solution to their customer.
Installers will also appreciate how fast and easy it is to install the AX-DSP behind the factory radio, thanks to its small footprint, which is about ⅔ the size of competing products that are designed for after the OE amplifier installation. Due to the complexity of technology in newer vehicles, installation for newer models requires many more wires for data lines. To further cut down on install time, Axxess has engineered vehicle specific T-Harnesses (sold separately), that make installation even faster and easier, with no need to cut any wires. Using a T-Harness can cut down installation time from 1 hour to just 5 minutes and are highly recommended.
Once installed, the AX-DSP features and settings are controlled via Bluetooth from a free mobile application, available for iOS (10.2 or higher) and Android (4.1 or higher) smartphone or tablet devices. The mobile application gives users control over audio settings to achieve their ideal sound quality desired. There are six inputs and six outputs for front, rear, and sub. Installers can also adjust the selectable high and low level inputs. Front, Rear and Sub outputs each have an independent two-way crossover in line with a 31 band graphic equalizer. The Front, Rear, and Sub outputs can be delayed independently for up to 10ms to optimize sound for the listening position. The AX-DSP also features chime control for vehicles with amp-generated chimes, along with clipping detection and limiting circuits. It retains Sync and OnStar, and can read, write and store your information for future recall.
Alternatively, the AX-DSP could be used just as a stand alone interface to feed signal to a DSP that cannot work with a digitally amplified system. “This solution is a great fix for customers or installers desiring a specific type of DSP that would otherwise require a timely installation process using summing devices. What typically required labor intensive troubleshooting to install can now be much faster with our AX-DSP used as an interface,” says Jason Anderson, VP of Research and Development for Metra’s 12 volt brands.
The AX-DSP is now shipping and available to Metra Dealers. Installers can see instructions and vehicle specific applications for this product online at by using the vehicle fit guide, or by viewing the application chart at
To learn more about the new features and benefits of Axxess Digital Signal Processor (AX-DSP) from Metra Electronics, visit To sign up to become a Metra Dealer, visit
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