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Metra's Ethereal Home Theater division is proud to display its HDMI over category 6 cable system

Posted on: Sep 9, 2011 2:57:00 PM

Ethereal Home Theater HDMI™ OVER SINGLE CAT6
HOLLY HILL, FLEthereal Home Theater and Accessories, a division of Metra Electronics, is proud to display its latest HDMI over category 6 cable system that needs only one CAT 5/6 cable. Using just one CAT5/6 cable, Ethereal’s new HDM-CAT6SC system is able to fully support the bandwidth needed to access all of the new features of HDMI 1.4A enabled electronics (except Ethernet). The system can use a CAT5/6/7; a CAT6/7 is preferred.
The HDM-CAT6SC innovations include TMDS re-clocking correction on both Tx and Rx. The unique addition of video detection indicators on both Tx and Rx allows the user to visually monitor the TMDS digital video at both the transmitter and the receiver. This now enables video diagnostics on both the transmitter and receiver – making it easy to diagnose video problems. The DDC Diagnostics features new and improved HDCP and EDID analysis and troubleshooting. This provides another way to monitor and detect a response visibly for HDCP keys and the EDID plug-and-play screen information. In addition, the system features HotPlug Detect Verification as part of the HDMI start-up system. Without it the system will not function. Again, a visible indicator verifies that HotPlug Detect took place.
 Other features include:
  • Supports full 340MHz / 3.4Gbps HDMI 1.4 (without Ethernet).
  • 100-feet with hopping capabilities for up to 4 times the distance.
  • Fully capable for 3D, 4K 2K, and Deep Color.
  • 5 Volt supply, located on transmitter.
  • Infrared from display to source. Remove
  • 39 DB overall gain available. Now the integrator can customize each unit for the length of cable by way of a digital display. Calibrated in db, the HDM Cat6SC can be customized for exact lengths maximizing the HDMI interface capabilities. With built in static memory the HDM Cat6SC will remember this setting even if power is turn off.
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